On 26 March 2015, BUSINESSEUROPE, the leading voice of enterprises at European level, hosted its second BUSINESSEUROPE Day.

  • Mr Jean-Claude Juncker
  • Mr Martin Schulz
  •  Mrs Emma Marcegaglia
  • Mr Markus J. Beyrer
  • Mr Frans Timmermans
  • Mr Jyrki Katainen
  • Ms Cecilia Malmström
  • Mr Günther H. Oettinger
  • Dr Henryka Bochniarz
  • Dr Kurt Bock
  • Mr Jerzy Buzek
  • Mr Peter Chase
  • Mr Erich Clementi
  • Mr Jo Deblaere
  • Mr Robert Dennewald
  • Mr Pierre Gattaz
  • Mr Ulrich Grillo
  • Mr Mikko-Pekka Hanski
  • Mr Olivier Imbault
  • Mr Pat Ivory
  • Mr Ingo Kramer
  • Mr Carlos Lopez Blanco
  • Mr Luis Mira Amaral
  • Mr Wilhelm Molterer
  • Mr Atzo Nicolaï
  • Mr Cristiano Radaelli
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stephan Reimelt
  • Mr Torkel Rhenman
  • Mr Dominique Ristori

This year’s theme was 'Invest in Europe'. We debated actions to be taken to enhance investment in Europe with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker as well as other top decision-makers. We will explain what European companies expect from the new European investment plan.

This unique and dynamic high-level conference brought together a select group of business leaders and political decision-makers.All pictures and videos are available on the multimedia page